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The Story of Anita's Boujee Boards

Bit of Background

Welcome, to Anita's Boujee Boards!

I was born and raised in Croatia, where my love of food and my passion for cooking comes from. For the past 12 years, I have been living in Modesto, with my beautiful and supportive family.

In 2020, I brought my love of food and friends together with the launch of Anita's Boujee Boards. In 2021 we moved from California to NE Ohio and currently reside in Concord township.We serve all surronding areas and are extremely happy with our decision to move.

Anita's Boujee Boards, I believe in fresh and local. I have made it a mission to provide the best possible product to my costumers from local farms/stores/etc.

My charcuterie boards consist of the freshest high-quality cheeses, tasty meats, seasonal fruits, and fresh vegetables, along with special crackers, bread, nuts, jams and preserves. Among all, my platters are uniquely handcrafted and never fail to have an amazing presentation that willl be the centerpiece at your next event.


I also believe in supporting local businesses and exploring NE Ohio and all that it has to offer!

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